Life And Style: Ton-Spotting

The ton move among the first circles of Society. They are the wealthy, the fashionable and the high-born. Having made your way up to London for the Season, you may decide to indulge yourself in a little Ton-Spotting…

Now, this can serve as an amusing diversion, or as a way to mark out targets (or, more politely, individuals) with whom you wish to ingratiate yourself. That part is entirely up to you. Behind The Past is merely here to guide you in the best places to look.  So, perhaps with your quizzing glass in hand, why not find convenient excuses to wander through these exclusive London haunts and see who you might find? Perhaps the famous Mr Brummell, or Princess Lieven?

  1. Well to begin, the place for Ton-Spotting during the Season has to be 5 o’clock in Hyde Park. This is a time when the ton is out in force, promenading away in the latest fashions. You should be spoilt for choice here. What self-respecting member of the Ton would pass up the chance to show themselves off? Indeed, if you enjoy the whiff of scandal, a more interesting game to play might be Spot The Missing Ton
  2. Lock’s Hatters is another preferred destination for the ton. Every gentleman worthy of the appellation knows that this is the place to go to for hats.
  3. St James’s Square is perhaps an unfair suggestion for us to make, as no respectable lady would be able to engage in Ton-Spotting here. Such a restriction does seem rather unsporting. However, if a gentleman wishes to relax (and by which is naturally meant, escape his friends and relations of the female persuasion) this is his go-to destination. A gentleman’s Club is his home away from home.
  4. Grosvenor Square is a most exceedingly prestigious address in Mayfair, where a number of aristocrats make their home for the Season. While we don’t think loitering around here will endear you to the residents, should you have the opportunity to pay a call here or even find yourself invited to a private ball… Well, watch the numbers on your Ton-Spotting scorecard fly!
  5. On the subject of balls, Almack’s must have a mention. To even have a hope of attending, you need to obtain an elusive voucher from the esteemed Lady Patronesses. Then, you must turn up on time and in the correct attire. Even such honoured personages as the Duke of Wellington have been turned away. While this exclusivity may make it nearly impossible for those of us who are merely ordinary to Ton-Spot here, it is certainly a place to try!
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