Social Success: Top Ten Regency Phrases and Expressions

A recent episode of Have I Got News For You included a discussion of Emojis as a form of language and communication, and it struck me how much language and communication can change (and, of course, stay the same). Emojis are, in a way, based on interpreting facial expressions. However, I should probably state here that my use of Emojis is restricted to smiley faces and I am definitely not a connoisseur of modern technology!

Anyway, it got me thinking about language and time, and sent me on a hunt for words, phrases and expressions which were used in Regency England.

Out of all of the weird and wonderful words I found, here is a list of my top ten favourites…

  1. Faradiddles – lies
  2. To not give a tinker’s damn – to not care (about something)
  3. Pluck to the backbone – to be brave
  4. Leg-shackled – married
  5. A fudge – a false rumour
  6. An Ace of Spades – a widow
  7. The boot is quite on the other leg – The situation is quite the reverse
  8. Calf-Love – The immature love of a young man
  9. Gingerbread – money
  10. A Jobation – a telling off

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