Life And Style: A Regency Guide To Wrapping Up Warm

While this time of year should really see the weather improving and the sunshine returning, it seems that dear Mother Nature is unwilling to play nicely. In response to this unseasonable weather, Behind The Past has created a guide to help you keep warm in style. After all, elegance is the highest calling for a Regency lady, and there is nothing so inelegant as chattering teeth and a blue nose.

So, as the cold rain pours and the biting wind howls, here are some items you might like to consider adding to your wardrobe…

  • Shawl – A good shawl is always in vogue. It is a particularly useful item for wearing indoors, and when draped well, conjures the image of graceful beauties from Antiquity.
  • Spencer – This is perhaps neither the sturdiest nor warmest piece of outwear on the market. However, it is very good for those in-between days, when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, and which are so very common in England.
  • Pelisse – A longer coat which is both practical and fashionable. For extra warmth, you might consider having it trimmed with fur.
  • Furs – Of course, now that we are on to the subject of fur, this is only really an option if you happen to find the thought of it palatable. However, fur trim, fur muffs, fur stoles… All of these options for a lady of means.
  • Bonnet – This is perhaps a silly point to make. No respectable lady would ever dream of venturing out without a bonnet. However, you’ll never keep warm if you let your head get cold. Make sure your bonnet is fit for purpose. A flimsy concoction designed for the summer months might look very pretty, but you will regret it when the elements have left it in tatters and you think you’ll never feel your ears again.

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